The Mommy Behind the Blog


Hi, I’m Emyrie. I became a full-time work-at-home mom in 2016. Wife to my ever-supportive husband Chris and a full-time mom to my two most precious little girls, Belle and Bree.

Thanks for dropping by. I feel truly honored that you would take some moments out of your day to spend time with me on my blog!

Who I Am and Why I’m Here

I started this blog last May 2019. With a desire for everyone that comes across my blog to be inspired by my faith, to be moved by my genuineness, and be encouraged to thrive despite their circumstances.

Back to the day where I am a clueless new mom, I found myself reading blog after blog to figure out everything. I was so inspired and encouraged just merely reading their stories. It’s when I’ve realized that I wasn’t alone on this journey.

So I began this blog with the intent to inspire, motivate, spread positivity, and somewhat help encourage fellow moms and women who struggle the same. When I started my blog, I was in the hype of everything.

Everything was in control and properly synced according to my liking. Well, that was during that time. Until… It didn’t anymore.

Somewhere in my journey, I lost the inspiration because of life’s unpleasantries happened. The feeling of me being overwhelmed is a result of a shift in my seasons in life every moment after.

  • My full-time work-at-home job got busier
  • Responsibilities at home, as a wife and as a mother became too overwhelming
  • Just recently, the COVID-19 pandemic did a bit of a toll on my mental health.

So I took a break from social media and reflect on the things that really matter to me and to remove all the toxicity and negativities.

I also felt odd sharing inspirations, motivations, or encouragement where in fact, I badly needed one too. I am struggling on my own yet my blog’s main purpose is to encourage and inspire, to spread positivity, good vibes, and all that.

Why Not Just Abandon My Blog?

With my much-needed break, I’ve realized that I am not being inauthentic or insincere. Rather, it only makes me human. I just needed to loosen my life a bit and there is no harm in giving myself a break.

Of course, sometimes we struggle and the pain is blindingly obvious that we can think of nothing else. Everybody experiences challenging times at one time or another, it’s a fact of life.

Me finally being okay didn’t come overnight. I was on a roller coaster ride, losing all my patience, creativity, and motivation. Eventually, one day I woke up remembering that I have a skill and a message to share.

I’ve intentionally come up with a decision to make time to encourage the people in my life. Because I know that as I encourage others, I too will be strengthened and feel empowered.

My purpose: IT’S TIME TO WRITE!

Oftentimes, I feel like I don’t belong to either realm, which can be a very lonely and alienating experience. At times, I find myself not having a field of expertise because of too much multitasking and the overwhelming responsibilities I have as a mom.

So this space I’ve made is meant to be a virtual place and community for all the moms who work at home, whether it be part-time or full time, freelance, or remote. Here you’ll find support for the unique challenges being a work at home mom presents.

A place to celebrate the privileges, tips, and techniques for juggling your work life and your home life and advise for moms who are thinking of making the transition to a work-at-home job.

This is a community for all the moms in the world who are feeling exactly how working at home feels like and experiencing exactly what a work-at-home mom goes through.

A place where we could all thrive while we juggle the responsibilities at work life and home life.

Motherhood is not meant to be isolating and confusing.

I learned that if we can share our challenges, leverage our diversity, expertise, and skills, we then achieve together and feel more connected enabling us to get much more out of what we do.

I am so thrilled that you have decided to join me on this journey, and it is my prayer that you would find yourself encouraged and inspired for greatness as you read along.

Keep Thriving Mommy!