An Open Letter To Myself: Keep Thriving

Have you ever written to yourself? You’ve probably talked to yourself a millions times in front of a mirror, but writing to yourself is quite different. You got to re-read it and it serves as a reminder too.

Earlier today, I was browsing my old notebook. My notebook, where I practically dump all of my thoughts, ideas, favorite quotes, my passwords (yes to mom brain, I am too forgetful) and everything that goes into my mind. I’m practically an over thinker, so sometimes, it helps when I write it down.

So yeah, while going all through those stuffs, I stumble upon a letter to myself. Can’t remember the exact date I wrote it to myself but I’m sure it hasn’t been that long. It was during those times when I harshly think about myself and my shortcomings. Then I discovered the book of Dr. Kristin Neff, Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself. That is when I started writing to myself compassionately.

After re-reading the letter, I didn’t expect that it will move me. It must have hit me since I am currently going through a tough time. It was a really good reminder and I am glad I’ve written this to myself some time ago. Didn’t even bother if the grammars or punctuation is correct. I just practically wrote it, so please don’t mind the mistakes. LOL!

I encourage you to write a compassionate letter to yourself as well. Then re-read it each time you need a bit of a push or encouragement, or if you are going through tough times. Believe me, it helps. Admit it, we tend to be so critical and harsh on ourselves, to the point we punish ourselves for the things we don’t have control over. We don’t give the same compassion we give to others to our self. We can be very good on giving advise to someone else, we show a loving compassion towards others but never to our self. This time, be compassionate toward your failings and imperfections. Be kind to yourself.

As I share to you this short letter, I hope you feel encouraged wherever you are right now.

An Open Letter To Myself

Dear Jane,

I know it’s truly hard and challenging. But these are the times where you must keep on going and never give up.

It’s so easy to give up and be anxious but this trying times will help you mold and shape your life into a good one.

Remember that we are only human and we are susceptible to mistakes. That all people have both strengths and weaknesses. Just keep on holding on, and this too shall pass. It is just a phase, a season that you’ll eventually overcome.

Understand that not all things are within your control and stop blaming yourself or others of your circumstances. It is not their fault that your having a hard time. Neither you.

Be strong and keep going. It’s okay to cry and accept that we fail at times. But these are all part of being a human.

You got this. Keep thriving! xx



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