30 Indoor Activities to Keep Toddlers Busy

Have you ever run out of ideas on how to entertain your toddler at home?
Perhaps you wonder what my girls and I do the entire day at home?
Ever wish you had a go-to list of toddler activities to keep them busy? Working at home yayaless while caring for your children is like a 24/7 balancing act.

My work shift can change every moment after. And because of that, we don’t have time to go all the time outdoors. And right after my shift, I am already dead tired, but still spending time with the kids is a must for me.

It can be beneficial to have toddler activities to keep them occupied when you need to sit down and answer urgent emails or make a phone call.

You don’t really know how critical indoor activities are until you are physically and mentally drained after an 8-hour work shift at home with curious and energetic toddlers.

At times, guilt will set in because how many episodes of Peppa pig can one watch to keep them entertained?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents limit screen use for preschool children ages 2 to 5 to one hour a day of high-quality programming. 

What does screen time do to toddler’s brains? – mercurynews.com. https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/01/29/what-does-screen-time-do-to-toddler-brains/

These studies stress me! Because to be honest, screentime has been my baby sitter substitute at home when I’ve got urgent tasks to finish.
But regardless, no worries. I got you covered, Mamsh.

I am going to share you easy indoor activities for toddlers that my girls and I truly love, and that keeps me sane! This list of inexpensive toddler activities will give you hours to work while also making sure that your children are safe and enjoying the play.

I’ve also included physical activities because Lord knows how toddlers are hyperactive and super energetic.

Coming up with a bunch of ideas to fill an entire day can be a monumental task, especially if you are a work at home mom and yayaless.


30 Indoor Activities to Keep Toddlers Busy
Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com
  1. Read A Book – this is my number 1 go-to and no brainer activity. Because I mainly love reading, and I want to impart this habit with my girls.
  2. Coloring/Drawing/Painting – My girls love these. But it can be very messy if I don’t supervise or check them from time to time. Expect and be prepared colorings on the walls, floors, or anywhere they would want to color. Just keep an eye on them. πŸ˜‰
  3. Dance Party – Get your bodies movin’. It’s always so much fun seeing my little girls dance and come up with choreography as you’ve never seen before. We always enjoy dancing on our favorite tune. Crank up your kid’s favorite music and dance along with them!
  4. Build Towers With Blocks
  5. Balloon toss
  6. Blow Bubbles – They love these so much.
  7. Make Music With Pots, Pans, and Spoons – This can be very noisy, but we do enjoy making up sounds and sing too. Not ideal if you got a Skype call meeting. hehe!
  8. Dress Up – My two girls love dressing up like a princess. They’ll happily turn around with a dress and act like a princess. That’s a good start for an imaginary and pretend play.
  9. Play Hide & Seek
  10. Make Silly Faces Using A Mirror
  1. Playdough with cookie cutters is fun!
  2. Pretend play (cooking, baking, tea time…)
  3. Color Sorting Games – You can use anything on this. It could be lego blocks, toys, buttons, pom pom, or stickers.
  1. Roughhousing – Who says only boys can enjoy this. I would usually pretend as a monster while they run around and hide.
    Do you know that roughhousing increases the three types of intelligence: IQ, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence? Yes, it certainly is! I can instantly send my kids into laughing with this activity.
  2. Play Cards – Sort by shape, color, and use for counting. Flashcards are useful for familiarizing and recognizing things. This can be a learning activity for a toddler.
  1. Bubble Bath – They love bubbles! We have no power struggle with bath time because of this.
  2. Cut out pictures from old Magazines. Use child-friendly scissors and just let them do the cutting. This is great if you wanted to practice fine motor skills. Belle and Bree could spend 30 minutes uninterrupted.
  3. Animal Walks – Walk like a bear, walk like a duck, hop like a bunny, or even jump like a frog. Or it could be Animal Talks. My kids would say, I am a monkey, and they would replicate the sound of the monkey. Belle and Bree would take turns on this until they run out of ideas.
  4. Tell a story together.
  5. Make An Obstacle Course.
  6. Play With Puzzles – My eldest particularly loves puzzles. We almost have all types of puzzles.
  7. Play tag.
  8. Egg hunt. Why wait for Palm Sunday? This is really fun to play with. I would hid a toy egg with a surprise toy or chocolate
  9. Make A Blanket Tent/Pillow Fort. Bree loves this so much. Though they have a toy tent that they can use so it won’t fall. She always prefer a blanket tent.
  10. Singing – We love singing! Singing enhances everyone’s mood. My girls even have their own Spotify playlist.
  11. Dolls and stuffed animals – my girls even call them their babies. They are so fond of their babies.
  12. Fort Building – My girls like to use our couch, cushions, blankets, and pillows. Then use your imagination, and I’m sure your toddler will guide you as well to create an awesome fort! This is a great way to get your child using imaginary play.
  13. Race – An excellent exercise for you and your toddler. For this indoor toddler activity, you race your child from one point of your house to the other.
  14. Catch/Shoot The Ball. I let them use our laundry basket so they can shoot the ball on it.
  15. Audiobooks – Make sure it was age appropriate. For first-timers and if you have been reading with your toddler, I suggest picking a story they are already familiar with.

What do you usually play with your toddler at home? I would love to hear from you.

Keep Thriving!

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